Hi, I'm Umesh Pai

i'm ui/ux designer

About Me

The internet revolutionized how we communicate. I am part of the revolution with contributions to several communication protocols, leading team of engineer to develop products and services that facilitates such a communication. I have lead several large and small scale technical product development from start to finish. Several of my technical work as been preserved as Patents. My ideal world of engineering process is delivering the requirement with right design, user experience, architecture and quality. Several of my portfolio of apps, products, design, arts are home grown ideas evolved from me. Thank you for visiting my site, follow me on social media links below.

  • Email : contactme@umeshpai.com
  • Phone : +1-919-926-8565

Leadership, Agile, Design, Analytics, Innovation

AI, Deep Learning, NLP, Tensor, Apache Saprk, Alexa

Spring Boot, Node JS, MongoDB, Docker, UX design, Angular, Android, iOS

Java, C++, Python, C, JavaScript, SQL, Go

MicroService Arch, REST, Embeded Systems, RTOS



Track record as a successful people and technical leader. Planning and management of technology solutions from conception to implementation. Special expertise with client relationship management, communication, and presentation.


Several certification in deep learning and artificial intelligence, successfully lead NLP intergation projects for collaboration devices. Strong data analysis stregth succesfully developed stratergic plans for product development.


Natural language processing expert, designed and developed several Alexa skills. Deep understanding of UX desgin for natural languages. Strong proponent for integration of Konkani and Tulu languages as part of Alexa's NLP framework.


Stong design skills to pair with development aptitude. Ability to bring up the full stack with backend knowledge along with frontend. Responsive designs to mobile optimizations are all considerable factors while developing strong web design and architecture.


Design thinking and customer centric design are prime to build effective products with high customer satisfaction. Ability to integrate complex backend system with either NLP based interface, chatbot or web based user interface.


knowledgebale in iOS and Android platform. Extermely Developed live interactive apps to work on these platforms with intergrated backend. Strong design and development knowledge in iOS and Android atchitecture to deliver easy to use and native experience.


Innovation has been fundamental driving force behind successful product development. Filed patents and managed innovation within the project deliverable timeline and architecture. Methodically coached team on building and driving cost of the projects to innovation.


PAAS and SAAS architectural knowledge with intergation using APIs. Ability to decide if the product needs a design and architecture from the ground up or integration using existing platform. Strong development knowledge on buidling SAAS architectural sysesm using micro service and cloud.


Technology enthuisist as coach and advisor for few start-ups. Dedicated great deal of time in coaching several giving back project with complex architecture needs. Tenacity to work with teams from different geographical areas.



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Raleigh, NC